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the darling room

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February 4th, 2017

06:27 pm - please read before placing order


Please observe the following guidelines, your cooperation is greatly appreciated!!!


Important guidelines !!!!Collapse )

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August 11th, 2009

11:57 pm - Series 3 in the house!

(Belt not included)

Length : 81cm
Shoulder : 36cm
Bust : 45cm

Price : SGD$32.00 SGD$28.00 Now!

A very sweet dress to show the sweet side of you. Double lining with pretty petal collar and details.

Available in two colors.

Green SOLD!!!

Mont D'amour (SOLD OUT!)

Length : 85cm
Bust : 35cm

Price :

White. Pure. Head-turner at all formal functions and parties.

Cassandra Sold!!!
(Belt not included)

Length : 82cm
Shoulder : 37cm
Bust : 34cm (unstreched)
Hips : 48cm

Price : SGD$30.00

Elegant. Royal Black. Steals the show easily.

Cassablanco Sold!!!
(Belt not included)

Length : 87cm
Shoulder : 28cm
Bust : 35cm
Hips : 43cm

Price :

There's something romantic about the colour. Details at bust and the special bottom.

Geraldine Gondola
(Belt not included)

Length : 84cm
Shoulder : 30cm
Bust : 37cm
Waist : 40cm

Price :

Playful but she knows what she wants.

Stage Silhouette (SOLD!)

Length : 87cm
Shoulder : 34cm
Bust : 38cm

Price :

Elegant. Structured.

Sheralyn's Dream
(Belt not included)

Length : 86cm 
Waist : 48cm
Bust : 46cm

Price :
SGD$33.00 SGD$27.00 Now!

Dainty ribbon design for the sweetheart.

Liola, Its Time!
(Belt not included)

Length : 87cm
Shoulder : 37cm
Bust : 43cm (unstretched)
Waist : 41cm
Hips : 49cm

Price :

Worn in 2 different ways. the office party dress & the after hour dress. It always gets exciting with afterwork activities! 

Betsy Moss
(Belt not included)

Length : 89cm 
Waist : 36cm
Bust : 34cm (unstretched)

Price :

Toga. Sexy. We all want it. full stop.


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May 18th, 2009

01:59 pm - T&Co. Inspired Spree is Closed!

The Darling Room would like to thank all for your continual support on the T&Co. inspired pieces!
The spree is now CLOSED!
Stay tuned for the next spree!

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March 15th, 2009

11:54 am - The Sweet Series Two!
SHOP NOW!!!Collapse )

(Belt not included)

Length : 80.5cm
Shoulder : 30.5cm
Waist : 28.0cm when unstretched (with elastic waist)

Price : SGD$32.00

Very pretty combination! Dig the yellow prints and grey soft velvet skirt! Easily take you to both work and play!

Boho Striped Blouse/Mini Dress (SOLD!)

Length : Around 71.0cm
Bust : 37.0cm
Waist : 31.5cm

Price : SGD$25.00

Pair it with tights or shorts for a different look you desire!

Rockie Chick Vest SOLD!
(with FREE Tank top!!!)

Free size: Fits S to small L

Price : SGD$25.00 ONLYSGD$18.00 NOW!

Get this attitude rocker piece, 2-for-the-price-of-1! Absolute for the young, hip and trendy! Great Value

Pokka Dots Ribbon Blouse
(Skirt not included)

Length : 56.0cm
Shoulder : 34.5cm

Price : SGD$20.00 NOW ONLY SGD$12.00!

Get the smart preppy office look with this beautiful print blouse, let people admire in awe =)

(Belt not included)

Length : 78.0cm
Shoulder : 33.5cm
Waist : 31.5cm unstretched (with elastic waist)

Price : SGD$28.00 ONLY SGD$20.00 NOW!

And while the world is all on Obama, show your love by owning your very own American piece! Who needs some inspirational talk now? 

Graffitti Spray 1-pc Jumpsuit
(Free belt!)

Length : 80.0cm
Bust : 36.0cm
Shoulder : 29.0cm

Price : SGD$26.00 ONLY SGD$12.00 NOW!

Hop into this cute 1-pc jumpsuit and let the pixie in you rule the world!


Floral Maxi DRESS

Length : cm
Chest : cm
Waist :

Price : SGD$28.00 NOW ONLY SGD$14.00!!!

Beautiful floral Maxi dress with catchy prints help to bring out the relax summer party feel.

Yellow and Red colour available

Victorian Cream Sunday DRESS SOLD OUT!
(Belt not included)

Length : 83.0cm
Bust : 42.0cm
Shoulder : 32.5cm

Price : SGD$35.00

One of the sweetest Victorian piece The Darling Room's Fashionista carefully picked... Just for you.


Contemporary Cosmopolitian Shift DRESS SOLD OUT!
(Belt not included)

Length : 84.0cm
Shoulder : 36.0cm
Armpits : 44.0cm

Price : SGD$38.00

Office clothes need not be mundane, Strut your way into the office in this pretty dress! Who doesn't love pleated dresses!? Especially when its Burberry Inspired.

Available in Khaki Brown and True Black.

Dove Grey Checkered DRESS SOLD OUT!
(Belt not included)

Length : 78.0cm
Waist : 29.0cm unstretched (with elastic waist)

Price : SGD$29.00


Charlotte-Anne Satin Structured DRESS
(Belt not included. Dress comes with black waist band.)

Length : 88.0cm
Bust : 40.0cm
Waist : 32cm
Shoulder : 30.0cm

Price : SGD$38.00 SGD$26
Grab this dress at a absolutely unbeatable price. With full satin details and great cutting,
do not miss out on this fabolous piece with just only 1 piece per colour.


Four Beautiful colours available (Royal Purple and Rich Olive left)
a stunning dress that is comfortable to wear yet ozzing the class in you. DKNY Inspired Design!

Missy Mosaic Sweetheart Bustier DRESS

Length : 69.0cm
Bust : 35.0cm
Waist : 33.0cm unstretched (with elastic waist)

Price : SGD$40.00 Now only SGD$12.00!!!

The Darling Room just love this piece! Sweetheart tube top flaunts what you have. V-cut skirt that gives the illusion of a smaller waist.. Oh-so-sweet ribbon to tie at the back. Enuf' said. Just get it.


NEW! The Fiery Bag
Captivating details (Louise Vuitton Inspired!)

Price : SGD$29.00 Now only SGD $20.00 for a well structured bag!


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February 25th, 2009

04:25 pm - The Inaugural Series 1!
Click Here for Series OneCollapse )


Length : 80.5cm
Chest : 41cm (stretchable material)
Shoulder : 32.5cm

Price : SGD$25.00

check out the nice floral details
a shout to the vintage british granny prints


Length : 85.5cm
Waist : 32cm
Shoulder : 47cm

Price : SGD$35.00

Available in 3 different tonesblack n white squares (Sold out), grey pokka dots (miss out on this last piece and u'll regret!) and brown pokka dots (Sold out)

"i love ruffles" DRESS

Length : 87cm
Chest : 43cm (stretchable material)

Price : SGD$45.00 Sold out!
Chiffon ruffles and Satin back details (excellent materials)
match it with a sweet little belt and you are ready to go !!!

the ruffles trend is back !!!!

Available in 1 tone now:
White(sweetest dress sold to the sweetest girl), Pink and Black


Length : 82.5cm
Chest : 33cm
Waist : 34cm

Price : SGD$45.00

Wonderful embedded rose details shown below (Sold out)

identical design available in non-flower embedded details as well! (Don't miss out on this last classy piece!) (Sold out too!)


Length : 97cm
Chest : 43cm
Shoulder : 39.5cm
Waist : 34.5cm

Price :  SGD$40.00 Now SGD$28.00!

Get eyes glued to this smart dress and flirty dress!
a beautiful outfit that you can bring to work or to a nice dinner date



Length : 82.5cm
Chest : 33.5cm
Waist : 34cm

Price :
SGD$40.00 Now SGD$28.00!

concave skirt design that brings out the curves in you (even if you don't have the curve~) Works like magic!


Length : 76cm
Chest : 27.5cm (adjustable)

wear it with heels or flats  for different effects. Accessorize!) =)

Price :
SGD$35.00 Sold out!


Length : 65cm (bust down, not counting the strap)
Chest : 30cm
Waist : 29cm

Price :
All sold out!

Available in Grey and Denim Blue (Sold to a sexy babe!)
Time to show off those legs! Nice, unique golden chain details on strap


Length : 81cm
Chest : 40.5cm
Shoulder : 39cm
Waist : 33cm

Price : SGD$28.00 SOLD out!


Two colours available
Grey and Magenta Pink (Sold!)  (Both comes with free matching cardigan! good deal!)


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February 11th, 2009

03:56 pm - T&Co. Inspired (Closed)

Thanks to all for the overwhelming response for the Tiffany&Co. inspired pieces!

Our spree is now closed. We hope to organise another one in the near future, so do keep a look out!

In the mean time, The Darling Room is undergoing a very exciting change, so do stay tuned!

The Darling Room

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